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Display advertisements


The Google Display network (GDN) is an indispensable tool for brand building.

Currently there are millions of websites on GDN, the number of them is continuously expanding, so a great number of views can be reached, besides the fact that only relevant users will see the message.

As for advertisement types, text, picture and possibly animated ads can be used, and pricing happens on CPC (click) or CPM (thousand views) base.

Most advertisement targeting opportunities are available here. Demographic data, individual interest, website topics or even specific websites can be targeted, where the advertisement should definitely appear, if possible. It is also not a problem to place your advertisement next to a relevant video on Youtube. If you want a more sophisticated solution, various groups can be created from website visitors or other  even e-mail  databases, but if the number of users reached is not high enough, then similar users can be reached via Google using the available sample to parameter our search.

Additionally, if you wish to advertise with a higher volume, another option is self study smart campaigns such as Smart Display, which promises quite good results based on our completed tests.

You must have already heard about remarketing targeting. The use of dynamic remarketing is almost mandatory for webshops, since besides its extremely relevant targeting it can also spectacularly increase the number of conversions.

These solutions listed are still only a fraction of Google Ads Display targeting opportunities, but right now we are not here to teach you all of them, but to interest you with this small teaser. :)

Google Display advertisements and targeting solutions may also prove a helpful companion if you have a product or service which only receives a few searches and you cannot get the right number of clients. We have already seen this on several occasions, e.g.: “luxury doghouse”, where the number of searches did not even reach the level sufficient for Google Ads to display an advertisement in the list of search results. In this case a display targeting rich dog owners may solve the problem.

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  • The min. monthly advertising budget managed by us is 2,000 €/platform (Google Ads, Facebook etc.)
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