Google Ads betas


What is Google Ads beta?

Google Ads betas are mature innovations, which are not yet available for the general public, but already available for those key agencies, which Google has selected and which have signed the strict diclosure agreement.

It is worth knowing about Google Ads betas that any of our clients can use them, it does not have any additional charges charged neither by Google, nor by PPC Média, so it is included in the “package” during our cooperation, only the specific advertisement cost has to be paid towards Google, same as for the other campaigns.

Google holds various new developments, which can be either small settings, or radical innovations (such as recently Gmail Ads – GSP for example) in beta for usually 1-2 years. During this period we can request Google to make the new functionality available for the account of our given partner. It is important to know that the given Google Ads beta cannot be reached at all advertising markets (so if we advertise in Germany, then possibly yes, if we advertise in Romania, then probably not…) and it can happen that a minimum spending commitment also has to be taken on, which can range from 1-2,000 Euros/month up to even 15-20,000 Euros/month, but this is not always requested.

What makes these tools/developments worth using is that they are sophisticated, and they usually perform better both in case of branding and conversion focus campaign. We have Google Ads beta case studies available, where we present how we halved the conversion cost of a given search campaign besides multiplying the conversion amount using a beta. We must realize that these developments mean a competitive advantage for our partners in the advertisers’ fierce global competition, since they can advertise using such a tool and efficiency, which their competitors (most likely) cannot!

If you are interested in learning more about betas, then please visit us for a personal consultation!

For using Google Ads betas a very serious disclosure agreement has to be signed. Theoretically our partner is entitled to these opportunities only until they are working with us or with another agency, which Google included in this programme, and which have signed NDA. During the cooperation no one else can access the Google Ads account, only our partner and us, since we have to protect the given tool from publicity.

Request offer for campaign management

  • The min. monthly advertising budget managed by us is 2,000 €/platform (Google Ads, Facebook etc.)
  • Ez a mező az érvényesítéshez van és üresen kell hagyni.