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Shopping advertisements


Shopping advertisements for webshops

In the summer of 2019 Google Shopping was also introduced in the Hungarian advertising market gradually within 2-3 months, which the Hungarian PPC market had been waiting for for years. Not in vain, because the tool previously used only on export markets has brought by far the best conversion results as per our experience, so there is a reason why we expect this campaign type to reach the best return for the Hungarian advertisers as well. Well, looking at the results of the first half of the year, as per the expectations, sales are generated with a return rate previously quite rarely experienced, specifically between 2-8% on average.

Pillars of Shopping advertisement

In order to reach the result mentioned above, optimization must be implemented in several areas: website, conversion process, shopping feed – where the system gets data from and the product pricing. Data table is one of the most important return factor, since in our experience it has to be elaborated in the most detailed, precise way possible in order for the users to get the exact advertisement they need. We can help the developer with this as well, not only with the optimization of the website.

Product price

The big losers of shopping advertising might be the price comparison sites, since Google will provide this service on top of the search results list, so the number of internet users clicking on a product search, price machine… etc. site rapidly decreases. Why would they click, since both on mobile and desktop they immediately see the photo and price of the searched product in first-view, where purchase is only one click away! We also have be aware that this type of advertisement appears first on the list of search results, so shopping has a huge advantage and if the advertiser can provide a competitive price, then outstanding return is guaranteed.

Request offer for campaign management

  • The min. monthly advertising budget managed by us is 2,000 €/platform (Google Ads, Facebook etc.)
  • Ez a mező az érvényesítéshez van és üresen kell hagyni.